Learners guide to golf

Golf is a unique sport that originated in Scotland is played individually but also can be play by an individual on a team. Other ball and stick sports originated in Europe and England Regions are Rugby utilizing net/bat and ball, Cricket consisting of cricket ground equipment of bat, ball and gloves, Polo uses a club and ball and Croquet that also uses a club and ball.

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Modern golf courses

Modern golf courses consist of 18 holes and have actually turned into nature preserves. Many all over the world are nestled into nature with the greens and fairways flawlessly designed into the surroundings, of mountains, deserts, lakes, rivers and oceans.

What is golf?

Golf is a popular sport because of the natural surroundings and challenges they provide. Although many famous names are associated with golf, everyday people enjoy the sport. It is a great test of consistency and persistence to attain the perfect shot and enjoy friends while you are doing it. Many golf leagues have competition with friendly wagers to sweeten the win. Other golfers enjoy the sport for the outdoor experience especially if you are a walker, you can get some really good exercise in.

How do you play?

The game consists of hitting the ball off a tee down the fairway with a driver. The goal is to get as close to the green as possible. Each hole has a designated "par" that means the expected number of shots to the green. Once you reach the green there is a pin, or pole with a flag on it that is in a cup in the ground. The pin is removed when you are close you attempt to putt the ball in the cup. Putting is very strategic since the greens are not completely level but they are very well manicured allowing the ball to roll with the tap of the club. Every hole is different with different challenges some you may do very well on and some that will leave you a little frustrated. Going back to beat the course and better your score is a simple goal in life that may be a lifelong challenge.

Different types of golf

There are par 3 golf courses or short holes as it is also named are just that. For people that want a quicker game this is perfect for them. Another type of golf is the Putt-Putt course. The Putt-Putt golf enthusiast may just be a family outing. The holes are designed with characters such as pirate ships, or wind mills, and are fun for all. Serious Putt-Putt aficionados join leagues that have special rules that you have to bank the ball so many times to get the shot and it also gets pretty heated with energy. All in all this has a great family and friends appeal to get out of the house and do something fun.

No matter if you love golf for fun or are serious about it competitively golf is a fantastic sport that gives us exercise of the body and brain.